Communicate to Connect

An interpersonal communication toolkit for high-performing teams.

Course benefits

  • Tools that enable team members to create trust and rapport swiftly with clients and colleagues

  • The ability to listen for and respond to your clients’ and colleagues' underlying concerns

  • The ability to create collaboration and sales opportunities from informal conversations and team meetings

  • Increased confidence with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders in meetings and one-on-ones

  • The capacity to manage and benefit from potentially difficult conversations

  • Five hours CPD of the ten hours that may be devoted to soft skills training with CISI.

How it works

Communicate to Connect explores how we relate to people, looking at how our mouth can be saying “I offer a great service” while our body is communicating, “but not with you”. The workshop comprises a sequence of stimulating interactive conversations and exercises that are fun but with a serious intent: to communicate and establishe trust and rapport, and look how this may be applied in client-facing, team and leadership situations.

The course develops the ability of participants to manage their thoughts and emotions, skills that are critical to connecting with the people around them. We practice effective ways to communicate and to deliver information, and receive individual coaching and feedback on how we come across.

The course is designed to meet individual and team needs and will identify and challenge any limiting assumptions that are held. Participants leave the programme more confident and with a framework to build trust rapidly, and create relationships that last.

Workshop structure:

  • A one-on-one pre-course conversation, to identify your communication concerns and what you would like to achieve from the programme.

  • The first half-day interactive workshop to develop and then practice communication skills that will establish and foster, sound business and personal relationships.

  • The second half-day interactive workshop to revisit and deepen the material.

  • Post-workshop one-on-one telephone/FaceTime/Skype coaching to consolidate further how your communication and leadership skills are being applied in practice.

  • Notes with supplementary information and references for further study.


This course is for you if you:

  • Direct or manage a team

  • Lead your firm or organisation

  • Face and manage clients or customers

  • Meet prospective clients and seek collaborative projects with industry contacts

  • Manage projects

  • Communicate analysis or regulation.

Is your team aligned upon a compelling vision, committed to achieving it and to each other’s success? High performing teams require high performance relationships charged with integrity and trust, yet the communication and straight-talk competencies that create them are rarely addressed by industry and regulatory training.

Communicate to Connect is an in-house interpersonal communication and leadership course, designed specifically for executive, operational, and client facing teams.

You discover how to create a team culture in which members are individually accountable and collectively responsible for delivering the mission.


A culture in which strong interpersonal communication and leadership skills promote a climate of innovation, creativity, effectiveness and productivity.

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