Communicate and Lead

A one-on-one communication and leadership skills course for you to connect with and lead your team

How you communicate within your team determines how much support you each get and how much contribution your team can give. Whether you are working with colleagues who constitute a recognised team or with disparate people unaware they are part of a team, your communication with them can maximise their creativity and contribution.

On this one-on-one course, you will explore how to communicate with your colleagues, clients, and contacts, to meet your organisation’s concerns and achieve its and your own objectives.

Working life is about getting things done with, through, and for other people. Life is about projects and teams.

Course benefits

  • A framework to lead yourself and others successfully

  • Increased confidence

  • The capability to manage client and business relationships successfully

  • Identification and management of hidden limiting assumptions

  • Tools to manage breakdowns, and reduce your susceptibility to anxiety and stress

  • Increased clarity about your purpose within your team, organisation and life.

  • Six hours CPD of the ten hours that you may devote to soft skills training with CISI.

How it works

This course is about how you manage yourself in your business and personal life.

You will be taken through a sequence of conversations in which we will assess and evaluate how you manage your communications, your relationships, and yourself, in pursuit of your objectives.

We review your successes and where you are being stopped. We explore how aspects of your personality can help but also hinder what you really want to achieve.

You will take away a structure creating new and empowering disciplines to manage yourself and to enable others, in your work and in your life.

You will discover new opportunities and openings for action to progress you toward your objectives and purpose in life.

When and where:

We meet at around 9.15 am in a neutral environment, off-site, and begin to explore what you would like to achieve in your work and in your life.

Our conversations take place away from the office in mutually convenient locations including parks and gardens such as London’s Royal parks; areas of natural beauty such as the National Trust’s Devil’s Punch Bowl, near Haslemere, Surrey, and in tea rooms and cafés. Anywhere that can stimulate an objective assessment of your purpose, goals and strategies.

Close-of-play? Usually around mid-afternoon, but you may like to extend to around 5 pm to finalise your thinking on aspects of the day’s conversations.

Dress comfortably, wear shoes you like to walk in, and be able to take brief notes.

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