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Slick communication techniques don’t create trust in a team. Using techniques on people to get results is manipulation. They sense this and don’t like it. Manipulation doesn’t create trust. Your first aim in leadership communication is to connect. Once you connect with people the resulting trust enables you and they to say what really needs to be said. The training programmes we offer help you build those communication tools to create trust in your team.



The leadership communication tools here will enable you to connect; to be present and listen without judgement; to listen-out others’ underlying concerns; to listen for what’s not said and then, when you choose to speak, to speak to their real concerns. When they get that you are there for them, they will be there for you.



Your objective when with someone is to be completely present with them, your attention focused completely on the person, situation, or task in hand; free of all judgements, opinions and referencing from your past; in the here and now; with that person, task or situation, and giving them or it your complete attention, not just once in the moment, but consistently.


Once you connect with someone or with the members of a team, you and they have access to the aggregate of distributed intelligence and that is where your out-performance will come from.



Leadership is a cycle of finding out what needs to be done and then getting done what needs to be done. But as a leader you need to identify through others, what needs to be done; get done through others, what needs to be done, and develop your people. And the cycle continues. 


It is achieved by communication. Communication in formal meetings, chance encounters, one-on-ones, zoom calls, conference calls etc. The communication work here focuses on being present with someone such that they get that you get, where they are; creating trust and rapport in your team, from which collaboration and innovation can follow.

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