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Leadership Communication Seminars

The leadership communication training workshops and seminars take the practices learned in the foundation seminar, Communicate to Connect, and apply them to three typical leadership situations: presentations, meetings, and managing people.

Seminar: Presenting Your Ideas

Communicating with groups, teams, and clients



You're speaking but are you being heard?

Few people want to be on the receiving end of most presentations. Few want to be spoken at with a slide show.

But in getting your ideas out there, you need to embrace this medium and connect with your audience and the unseen audience beyond them. Are you?

This interactive seminar will have you practicing connecting with and delighting your audience, and then discovering how you did on hearing some straight feedback.

So come, speak out; present us your ideas, and master presentation!


  • To be able to manage pre-talk nerves

  • To learn how to find out what an audience wants and then structure your presentation accordingly.

  • To be able to connect with and enrol your audience..



You will learn that the best technique is to drop all techniques.

You will look to speak to both what your audience wants to hear and what it needs to hear.

You will learn that it's less about what you say than about how you listen.

You will learn never to give a presentation but rather to intend to talk with people.

Seminar: Meetings with Potential Clients

Listening-out concerns


Are you effective enough with potential clients? Do you connect with them? Do your swanky meeting rooms give them the right impression? What concerns do they really have when they visit you? Are you actually meeting them? Are you looking to give or to get?

This workshop/seminar looks at how to put potential clients at ease, understand the concerns behind what they don't say, and lay the foundations for a longer-term relationship.

The clients will sign-up with whoever gets (and can meet) their concerns. Let that be you.


  • To understand the contexts within which client meetings take place.

  • To be able to manage client meetings to build trust and rapport.

  • To be able to structure the initial meetings to be the foundation for a longer-term client relationship.




You will be able to take your attention off you, and what you want to get from the meeting, and put it on them, and their concerns.

You will have the confidence, however great and high the personage, to put questions and listen for the concerns behind their answers.

You will be what they buy.

Seminar: Dealing with Difficult People

People skills for effective teams



Is there someone in your life whose forte seems to be knowing how to suck the energy out of you at every opportunity?


Actually, such heart-sinks may be angels in disguise, pointing-up weaknesses in how you are managing your thinking rather than how you are managing them.


In this experiential and interactive seminar, remove such toxicity from your life as we take a novel look at the dynamics of relationship and thought, and at how you can begin to manage both - and the people in your team.



  • To understand the effects of your unfettered thinking and how you can begin to manage it; your circumstances, and your heart-sinks.

  • To examine a model of relationship and be able to work from it.

  • To be able to transcend and work-through adverse opinion.



You will leave the workshop/seminar understanding the dynamics of relationship far more, and how your hidden assumptions, more than the other person, may be causing you problems.


You will have far greater ability to manage how your relationship go.


You will know what it takes to create a culture of psychological safety, the foundation of innovation and creativity, in your team.

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