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Leadership Communication:
Meetings with potential clients

Are you effective enough with potential clients
Gain knowledge and skills in how to lay the foundations for long term relationships.

Leadership Communication: Meetings with potential clients

Seminar: Meetings with Potential Clients


Are you effective enough with potential clients?

Do you connect with them?

Do your swanky meeting rooms give them the right impression? What concerns do they really have when they visit you?

Are you actually meeting them? Are you looking to give or to get?

This workshop/seminar looks at how to put potential clients at ease, understand the concerns behind what they don't say, and lay the foundations for a longer-term relationship.

The clients will sign-up with whoever gets (and can meet) their concerns. Let that be you.


  • To understand the contexts within which client meetings take place.

  • To be able to manage client meetings to build trust and rapport.

  • To be able to structure the initial meetings to be the foundation for a longer-term client relationship.




You will be able to take your attention off you, and what you want to get from the meeting, and put it on them, and their concerns.

You will have the confidence, however great and high the personage, to put questions and listen for the concerns behind their answers.

You will be what they buy.

Pricing Information

You can participate in this workshop in-person in-house, or remotely:

  • Pricing TBC

Email us to discuss details or book your place.

“I have heard nothing but excellent feedback from the communication course you kindly ran for us on Friday. I know that many of the attendees needed help, and they really appreciated your confidence building measures. You clearly were effective because they have returned, buzzing and ready to try it for real. That’s a great result.”


Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI, CEO, The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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What our clients say...

“An excellent presentation which debunked the mystery surrounding a successful presentation and distilled the preparation required into a small number of straight forward techniques”

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