Coaching to Communicate and Lead

One-on-one guidance in applying interpersonal communication skills to effective team management and leadership

Life is a game to be played hard but sometimes losing the game can have serious consequences for you, your family, your colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Mentoring to Communicate and Lead is a course of one-on-one mentoring, designed specifically for team leaders and people who need to get things done through others.

The one hour sessions take place over the phone, Skype or FaceTime and will develop your interpersonal communication and leadership skills in relation to situations you are currently managing.

The conversations are designed to augment your skill and experience while avoiding the mistakes of inexperience.

Course benefits

  • Additional perspective on situations you are dealing with from an impartial yet committed listener

  • Increased confidence in dealing with colleagues and clients in meetings and one-on-ones

  • Pre-situation talk-throughs and perspective to enable you to connect with key people swiftly

  • Support in responding to your clients’ and colleagues’ underlying concerns

  • Increased capacity to manage and benefit from potentially difficult conversations

  • Increased ability to create sales opportunities and collaboration, from informal conversations and team meetings

  • One hour’s CPD each session, of the ten hours that you may devote to soft skills training with CISI.

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