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Can you be counted on, more often than not, to stand for your vision over what may seem expedient? Even when you are being stopped by aspects of your personality you're not even aware of?


In Communicate & Lead, we take your communication, relationship, and leadership tools and apply them to you,  your life, and situation. You benefit from a committed listener who can identify the pitfalls, and point the way, accelerating you along your growth path. 


In this one-on-one programme, you will be coached in how to communicate with colleagues, stakeholders, and contacts, to meet your own and your organisation's purpose and vision.


The programme will give you

  • a framework to lead yourself and others successfully

  • tools to manage situations and breakdowns, and

  • increased clarity about your purpose within your team, organisation, and life.


You will achieve

  • Clarity about your purpose in life and within your team, and organisation, and family

  • A model from which to lead yourself and others successfully

  • Increased confidence in your ability to live authentically, on purpose

  • Improved capability to manage your personal, client, and business relationships

  • Identification of and ability to manage your hidden limiting assumptions

  • Tools to manage life’s breakdowns, and reduce your susceptibility to anxiety and stress

  • Six hours CPD of the ten hours that you may devote to soft skills training with CISI.


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