Personal Leadership

You want to lead your team effectively? But who or what is leading you? Your brain probably. Most people are led by their brains. They, in turn, attempt to lead their teams so that, in effect, teams are led by their leader’s brains. Our coaching in personal leadership will help you lead your team effectively. 


But leadership is a relationship and brains have not evolved to run relationships. Brains evolved to have their body survive, if necessary at the expense of other bodies. That’s why there is so much toxicity in teams: brains are running brains. Egos are dominating egos.


So before you lead your team, you must lead yourself. This is what personal leadership is about. Distinguishing between thoughts that promote separation, and thoughts that lead to authentic communication, collaboration and innovation in your team. 

The Problem


Your brain is an on-board computer, designed to have your body survive. It is not a thinking organ but a survival organ which constantly seeks out threat and then, looking into its filing system of life experiences, offers you past-based solutions in the guise of thoughts. Thus, you never experience a situation directly, but rather, experience your thoughts about a situation.


No situation has meaning, of itself. You give it all the meaning it has for you. Your brain ceaselessly offers you thoughts which you then adopt as your reality.


The key to the management of your thinking is awareness: being aware of where your thinking has brought you and where it is taking you.


Your brain thinks in certain ways and you may have become aware of some adverse patterns in your life – forever poor; unlucky in relationships; regular redundancies, for example.


Just being aware of how your brain operates can negate these adverse patterns and the personal leadership courses offered here will identify to you how your brain works and how you can manage it.


Personal leadership is not about managing your circumstances but about managing your perception of and response to your circumstances. It is about consistently responding to rather than reacting to life’s situations, enabling you to remain centred, calm, and objective in the face of difficulty. 


As leader of your team you will be a resource to your fellow team members, supporting them in giving their best in pursuit of the team’s vision. You will each have access to the team’s distributed intelligence enabling you to inspire and innovate your way to improved performance.

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