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Purpose, Vision, Mission, Principles
How you create them will create you

This interactive workshop examines the role that meaning and purpose can have in your life in guiding you, your team, and organisation.

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How to create a Purpose, Vision, Mission and Principles.

Workshop:  This is an interactive workshop which examines how meaning and purpose can help guide you, your teams and your organisation.


This workshop distinguishes the concepts behind purpose, vision, mission, and principles and the benefits each will bring to you, your team, and organisation.



This workshop enables you to:

  • Distinguish the concepts and apply them to yourself to bring meaning to your life and, once applied, to guide you through life and the situations you encounter..

  • Use the concepts to guide you in making decisions and in responding to opportunities.

  • Distinguish for your team or organisation its purpose, vision, mission, principles, to guide hiring, strategy, decision making and give meaning, purpose, and fulfilment to team members, beyond satisfying the bottom line.

Will it benefit you?


This workshop is for you if: 


  • You want to bring meaning and direction to your own life.

  • You want to imbue your team with purpose and a focus on contribution.

  • You want to increase productivity in your team and/or organisation.

  • You want to bring meaning, purpose and improve well-being in your team and/or organisation.

  • You want to utilise your purpose, vision, mission and principles in your strategy, planning, decision making, hiring, firing and relations with stakeholders.

  • You want to inspire rather than manipulate to motivate (you do).

Pricing Information

You can participate in this workshop in-person in-house only.

  • In-person, on-site, from £650 per delivery.

  • 1 - 3 hours CISI CPD.

Email us to discuss details or book a workshop.

“Christopher was very engaging and in such a short period of time has dispelled years of nerves. Whilst only early in my career, he has given me a lifelong tool that I can use in focusing on ‘being present’. His interactive session pushed me out of my comfort zone but empowered me to strive forward.”

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