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Personal Leadership Seminars

There is only one person you have to lead. Lead that person and others will follow. Personal leadership is about distinguishing between the fear-based thinking that promotes separation so toxic in teams, and the thinking that promotes communication, collaboration and creation. The personal leadership seminars give you the training tools to manage your thinking. To lead your team, you must lead your self.

Seminar: From Outer Stress to Inner Peace



Workplace stress can sap your energy, damage your relationships, and impair your health and productivity. But is it inevitable?


This interactive and experiential seminar explores how your perception of life’s circumstances and situations generates the stress which you then try to deal with. Your brain creates your problems and then worries about them.


Once you know what your brain is up to, however, you can choose the way of peace.


Awareness is the antidote to your conditioning.


  • To explore a model of how stress arises in the brain

  • To identify common limiting thinking patterns

  • To look at why life's situations seem to generate anxiety and how you can manage it.



You will leave this workshop/seminar clear about how and why the brain generates its fear based thinking, yet also 

clear that you are not your thoughts and can be free of them.

You will examine common patterns of limiting thinking that typically cause anxiety and stress and then learn how you can transcend them.

Seminar: Mindfulness for Hard-Nosed Financiers

Performance and peace


The increasing incidence of stress and mental illness shows that our fast-paced lifestyle, though apparently beneficial in the shorter-term to our economy and personal finances, may in the longer-term, be incurring hidden costs to our health and well-being.


While a sound technical knowledge is the gateway into our profession, the key to sustained personal effectiveness and balance is personal leadership and how you manage the many demands made upon you.


Mindfulness is recognised increasingly as the way to balance personal effectiveness with personal tranquillity. In this experiential seminar, we focus on how.


  • To explore the relevance of mindfulness to longer term personal performance and well being

  • To understand how the practice of mindfulness meditation helps in the management of the mind

  • To begin the practice of mindfulness meditation



We revisit the brain and see how its thinking has evolved to deal with threats no longer relevant today.

Participants experiment with various meditations and experience how management of their thinking during meditation, can be applied to the management of situations in everyday life.

Participants look at how to plan their day aligned with their body's rhythms and conclude that inner peace, with practice, is achievable.

Seminar: Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values

How you create them will create you


Do you have a vision for your life? Is it calling you? Are you inspired? Are you living on purpose? Would others know?


Does your organisation have a vision? Is it calling you? Are you inspired? Are you living on purpose? Would others know?


Does your team have a vision? Is it calling you? Are you inspired? Are you all living on purpose? Are you delivering?


Purpose, vision, mission, values: how you create them, will create you. In this experiential seminar, find out how.



  • To distinguish the concepts behind purpose, vision, mission, and values and the benefits each gives.

  • To explore how deriving an effective purpose, vision, mission, and values can transform organisational and team culture, performance, and your experience of life.

  • To learn what's involved in creating a compelling vision.



Participants appreciate the experience of excitement, performance, freedom, peace, and fulfilment that arises when being guided by one’s moral compass as evinced by the self’s/team’s/organisation’s purpose, vision, mission, values.


Participants contrast shorter term determination, fuelled by will-power, with longer term persistence powered by inspiration.

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