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Team Leadership

Need to motivate your team? Coaching not working? Give up!

Your people are not inspired. If they were, they'd motivate themselves.


They are crying out for meaning in their lives. Goals, targets, profit margins and market share don’t do it. Inspiration does. They want purpose and if they are in your team, your job is to provide it. 

Your numbers are the effect. Inspiration is your cause.



If your people need motivating, they are not inspired. Inspired people don’t need motivating, they need harnessing and focusing.


We’re creating an environment where your team is highly aware of its purpose; is drawn by its compelling vision, and utilises you to coach each of them to their full potential.


When your team is pulling together, you have access to not just your own, but the aggregate of team distributed intelligence. Now there’s competitive advantage.



What blocks inspiration, creativity, and inspiration in your team, is telling your people what to do. Command and control is the default leadership style of most leaders. Their people need to know who’s in charge round here. Since the industrial revolution we’ve had a good couple of centuries’ practice at telling people what to do. And control is the brain’s default posture when it senses threat. 


But ongoing command and control is toxic and stifles team creativity. It’s creativity and inspired innovation, that will give you your performance edge and a team making a real contribution to the human family, getting paid for it, and each experiencing fulfilment.



Consider that you have enough intelligence, wisdom, skill and experience in your team to achieve what you all want. You just need to harness it and focus it. 


Not by telling them what to do, however. That’s exhausting for you and will cut off your supply of their good will.


You and they need to create a compelling future; put together a strategy to achieve it, then you enable (coach) them to achieve it. The courses here will give you a framework to do this.

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