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Pull together toward your compelling vision

About us

Are you and your team members pulling together toward your 

compelling vision? 


By this definition, few teams actually exist. Most comprise individuals who report once a month and who say yes, but mean no.

What will it take to harness the distributed intelligence of your entire team and focus it on its compelling vision?

For you and your people to make a difference in the world, and get paid for it?


Your leadership of your self will define your leadership of your team.

Here you will clarify for yourself, your purpose,  vision, mission, principles, and your ability to communicate these to your stakeholders.

Through experiential seminars, workshops, and personal coaching, you will develop your ability to inspire your team and support them in pursuit of your vision.

Your leadership is a journey of internal discovery and motivation.



We offer Seminars, Workshops, and Courses to develop you and your team members' ability to manage yourselves and your relationships with others. 

Our Seminars show you how to communicate, establish trust, collaborate and create with your teams.

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Leadership is a relationship.  Unless you manage it, your brain will run your relationships automatically but is not designed to. You have to do that if you want particular results.
Our teaching focuses on how, in any situation, you can manage what your brain is doing to lead effectively."

What our clients say...

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

Simon Culhane.

Chartered FCSI, CEO

"I have heard nothing but excellent feedback from the communication course you kindly ran for us on Friday. I know that many of the attendees needed help, and they really appreciated your confidence building measures. You clearly were effective because they have returned, buzzing and ready to try it for real. That's a great result."


Chloë Garland.

"My day with Christopher allowed me to experience some profound and transformational shifts in the way I see the world. Through the experience of being deeply listened to and challenged where necessary, I gained a deep clarity around both my purpose in life and my relationships. Christopher enabled me to look at my situation in a much wiser, more open-minded way that left me feeling lighter, more confident and empowered."

Schroder US Wealth Management

Martin Heale. 


"Christopher's business relationship programmes are first class for all CRMs wishing to gain greater empathy and insight into relationship building with clients and networks alike. They give you much to reflect on."

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