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These programmes improve communication and relatedness both within your team and with your stakeholders. They will develop your ability to create a compelling future for your team/organisation, and a strategy to achieve it.


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Communicate to Connect
Participants learn how to connect with colleagues, prospects, and clients, in this highly interactive and experiential workshop.
These interpersonal skills will benefit those in teams, leaders, and those who work through others to get things done. 
Also, those who are client facing, or who communicate investment analysis, regulation and human resources.

  • Take this programme before any other.

  • 1 - 3 hours CISI CPD

  • Fee: from £650 per delivery, in-person, in-house, or remotely.

Presenting Your Ideas
Now you are communicating with your stakeholders.

Presenting your Ideas takes the communication and rapport building skills of 'Communicate to Connect' and applies them in a group/team/town hall/conference setting.


You will learn to structure your deliveries to maximise your impact, and to manage your audience - both during, and before the event.


You will practice deliveries, and receive coaching and feedback. The workshop will also look at how you relate to a screen and assumes that you can use PowerPoint, etc (if you think you have to).

  • 1 - 6 hours CISI CPD

  • Fee: From £650 per 3 hour, half-day delivery, in-person, in-house.

  • Fee: From £1,200 per 6 hour, full-day delivery, in-person, in house.

Purpose, Vision, Mission, Principles
Purpose is the difference you and your organisation are making in the world. Vision, the fulfilment of your purpose. Mission, what you do to bring that about and what you get paid for, and Principles, your moral compass in doing that.
The workshop distinguishes the terms and the transformational benefits they bring to you, your team, and organisation. Once you have identified them they act as a beacon, guiding you and your team/organisation through situations which you can then use.
No failures, only winnings and learnings, and purpose, vision, mission, and principles give you the context.

  • 1 - 3 hours CISI CPD

  • Fee: from £650 per delivery, in-person, in-house, or remotely.

Executive Team Alignment Programme
Your leadership team is critical to the success of your organisation.
When it is visibly championing a compelling vision, with each member aligned on achieving it and committed to each others' success and that of all organisational stakeholders, real organisational outperformance is possible.
The Executive Team Alignment Programme will enable you to create a compelling future for the organisation, align on its achievement, and create a high-level plan to get there.
This programme will improve dramatically communication within your team and organisation, in pursuit of your vision.


  • 8 hours CISI CPD.

  • Fee: This programme is semi-bespoke and the fee is by agreement.

Self-Mastery for People who Lead
To lead your team authentically, and inspirationally, you have first to be aware of and manage your egoic thinking. You have to lead your self.
You can practice this alone but it's a slog. Progress along the path to mastery of the self is accelerated with a guide. One who knows and can identify the pitfalls. One who will support you in overcoming the hidden limiting assumptions that may be constraining your own and your team's performance.
This one-on-one 12 month programme begins with an off-site workday, and continues remotely.


  • 1 - 6 hours CISI CPD

  • Fee: from £3,500 per programme, in-person, or remotely.

Christopher Jones-Warner develops the communication and leadership skills needed for collaboration and innovation in executive, leadership, operational, and client-facing teams.
His talks, seminars, and workshops are interactive and fun, yet with a serious intent: to enable participants to communicate and lead.
Participants leave his events confident and with a framework to build trust swiftly and create mutually rewarding relationships that last.

Leadership Principles
Coming soon to the portfolio.

Coming soon to the portfolio.

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