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To be a leader there is one person you have to lead, but lead that person and others will follow.

Our teaching operates through three interconnected streams:

  • leadership of the self or personal leadership

  • the enabling of others or team leadership

  • the communication skills that enable conscious leadership.

Through each stream you and your team will develop the ability to create a compelling future and a strategy to achieve it.  To communicate, collaborate, and create.

Personal Leadership



Will your life make a difference? Will you do what you came here to do?


It is not your circumstances that will define you or even your thoughts about your circumstances. It is how you manage your thoughts about your circumstances that will define you. 


In life, however, we receive very little training in managing our thoughts. The personal leadership stream focuses on enabling you to manage your thinking whatever occurs.

You will grow your ability to manage stress and anxiety, and will accept and utilise adverse situations as learning opportunities.


Either you have your thoughts, or your thoughts have you.

Team Leadership



Perhaps you think you’re not that great a leader? And you have evidence - some poor results and bad experiences.


Actually, you’re better than you think; you have sufficient concern, at least, to be thinking about your leadership, to improve it. 


Did you think that any of the greats in the fields of endeavour were born that way? They each had to go through their own process of getting it wrong, evaluating their poor results, and adjusting. 


Leadership is a discipline and a practice. You have to learn it. The teaching and courses here will create a context and framework within which you can practice the being, doing, and having of leadership. Your good judgement will come from experience and your experience will come from . . . bad judgement.


If you are generous of spirit and there for your team, however, they will pull with you and for you.

Leadership Communication


Leadership is a relationship and a relationship is the sum of communications that take place within it. Leadership is communication.


Get it right and your team members will be pulling together, driving the fulfilment of their vision and strategy, saying what needs to be said to move their projects forward and committed, both to each other’s success and the success of the organisations stakeholders. 


When team members create a climate of true trust and rapport, psychological safety is the result. And critical to trust is your team members’ ability to communicate authentically.

Personal Coaching



To master your team, you have first to master your self.


You can do this alone but it's a slog. Your conditioned mind, which created all your problems, will anticipate your intervention by heading you off with a panoply of adverse situations and conclusions. When you declare yourself everything unlike it comes into the space.


Progress along the path to mastery of the self can be accelerated with a guide. One who knows (and is also dealing with) and will identify the pitfalls. Who will support you in transcending the hidden limiting assumptions that may be constraining your own and therefore your team's performance.


Awareness is the antidote to your conditioning.

The Executive Team Alignment Programme



Your leadership team is critical to the success of your organisation.


When your leadership team is visibly championing a compelling vision, with each member aligned on achieving it and committed to each others' success and that of all organisational stakeholders, real organisational outperformance is possible.


The Executive Team Alignment Programme will enable you to identify your burning platform, create a compelling future, align on its achievement, and create a high-level plan to get there.


This programme will improve dramatically communication within your team and organisation, in pursuit of your vision.


Christopher Jones-Warner develops the communication and leadership skills needed for collaboration and innovation in executive leadership, operational, or client-facing teams.

His talks, seminars, and workshops are interactive and fun, yet with a serious intent: to enable participants to communicate and lead.

Participants leave his events confident and with a framework to build trust swiftly and create mutually rewarding relationships that last.

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