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Executive Team Alignment Programme

In this programme the leadership team creates a compelling future for your organisation and aligns on a high-level plan to achieve it.

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The executive team is the heart of the organisation setting its tone, culture, and performance. Yet all too often, members of the leadership team can be mired in operational issues and inter-departmental disputes.

The aim of this programme is to focus members of the the leadership team on its raison d’être: to lead the organisation and its stakeholders to their compelling vision.

The programme addresses:

  • The need for a new strategy

  • How to roll out strategy effectively

  • Lacklustre performance

  • Mergers

  • New executives

  • Executive turnover

  • Lack of leadership

  • Distrust among executives

  • Warring factions

  • Management not on board

  • Issues around succession

  • Lack of focus among the leadership team

  • Wanting the leadership team to be a team

  • Next levels of leadership not on board.


The leadership team will create a compelling future or vision for the organisation and stakeholders, and a high-level plan to achieve it.


The team will align on the vision and strategy to promote successful strategy implementation toward achievement of the vision.

Thereafter, each team member will own executive team decisions whether or not they agree with them.


Members of the team leave the programme:

  • clear and aligned on a compelling future for the organisation

  • with a high-level plan of how to get there

  • with the leadership team transformed into the team that is driving the fulfilment of the vision and strategy

  • as partners, committed to each other's success

  • capable of sustaining alignment

  • able to communicate their vision to the organisation and to lead it there.

Pricing Information

This programme contributes to 8 hours CISI CPD.

  • Fee: This programme is semi-bespoke and the fee is by agreement.

The bulk of the participation in this programme is in-person.


Email us to discuss how the programme would relate to your organisation.

"My day walking with Christopher allowed me to experience some profound and transformational shifts in the way I see the world. Through the experience of being deeply listened to and challenged where necessary, I gained a deep clarity around both my purpose in life and my relationships. Christopher enabled me to look at my situation in a much wiser, more open-minded way that left me feeling lighter, more confident and empowered. It took an intervention of this kind for me to transcend old ways of thinking and I believe that it marked the beginning of a new, more enlightened chapter. Thank you.”


Chloë Garland, Quarter-Life

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What our clients say...

“I like the framework and structure you provide, which allows us to delve deep into the human conditions we all have within us. This is beneficial in that once we understand how we are all about perception we can review our thoughts and manage ourselves better.”

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