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Executive Team Alignment Programme

The executive team is the heart of an organisation setting its tone, culture, and performance. Yet all too often, members of the leadership team are mired in operational issues and inter-departmental disputes. Our Executive Team Alignment Programme provides coaching and mentoring to ensure you get the best from your teams.


This programme focuses leadership team members on their raison d’être: to lead the organisation and its stakeholders to their compelling vision.


In this programme you will:

create a compelling future or vision for your organisation and stakeholders, to then promote successful strategy implementation by aligning the team around the vision and strategy.

Thereafter, each team member will own executive team decisions whether or not they agree with them.


Members of the team leave the programme:

  • clear and aligned on a compelling future for the organisation

  • with a high-level plan of how to get there

  • with the leadership team as a team, members committed to each other's success

  • capable of sustaining alignment

  • able to communicate their vision to the organisation and to lead it there.

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