The Executive Team Alignment Programme

A foundation programme for the executive team to create, communicate and implement strategy

The executive team stands at the heart of your organisation setting its tone, culture, and performance. Yet all too often, members of the team can become mired in operational issues and inter-departmental disputes.

While decisions seem to be agreed in the boardroom, they fail back in the divisions, with executive team members sabotaging their own resolutions with judgement and comments such as “It will never work” or “It’s a ridiculous idea”.

This programme focuses the leadership team on its raison d’être: to lead the organisation and its stakeholders to its compelling vision.

Programme benefits

  • You and your team members clear and aligned on a compelling future for your organisation

  • A high-level plan of how you will get there

  • Your leadership team is a team with members committed to each others’ success

  • The team will be capable of sustaining alignment

  • Your executive team is able to communicate its vision to the organisation and lead it there

The typical executive team dilemma:

Each team member comes to the team with his or her own agenda which is likely to have more to do with their own ranking within the boardroom and organisation than with the needs of organisation itself. While apparently agreeing with decisions and strategy, members of the executive team will often, covertly pursue their own agendas.


Within the boardroom, the strategy agreed can be that of whoever is dominating the team at that time and this person may or may not be the chief executive. A team comprising dominators and saboteurs is unlikely to achieve its aims and will be unable to evaluate failures objectively as most corporate sabotage is covert.

The key to successful strategy implementation is for you and your colleagues to align your personal interests with your organisation’s strategy and choose thereafter to own your executive team decisions, whether or not you agree with them.

While a team pulling together as one may make poor decisions, it is likely to evaluate these more effectively and, in the light of experience, pull together in a new direction to achieve success.

This two-to-four month programme comprises

  • A series of one-on-one confidential conversations with the CEO and members of the executive team to identify limiting assumptions and to distinguish what could be possible for the organisation.

  • The first executive team two-day off-site retreat, to transform the current organisational vision or create a new compelling vision and align on its achievement. A high-level plan of how to get there is created and team members practice how to enrol divisional members and key stakeholders in where the organisation is going.

  • A second series of confidential one-on-one conversations to support team members in progressing their assignments and strategy.

  • The second executive team two-day off-site retreat, to review progress on assignments; assess the 7 Pillars for Successful Strategic Implementation model; deal with outstanding issues; create new leadership capabilities and commit to each other’s success.

  • Completion meetings and coaching for success.


Team members complete the programme inspired by their new future, energised, and confident in their ability to deliver it.


Teams will find it invaluable if they want to:

  • Improve performance

  • Review strategy

  • Merge organisations

  • Increase commitment within their team and organisation

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