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Foundation Seminar

Our Foundation Seminar, Communicate to Connect, looks at how relationships actually work. You will develop your ability to really listen, be present and empathise.

These are key leadership and relationship skills and with them you can begin to unlock the combined intelligence of your team.

Seminar: Communicate to Connect

The Communicate to Connect seminar workshop explores how we relate to people, and comprises a sequence of stimulating interactive conversations and exercises that are fun but with a serious intent: to communicate and establish trust and rapport, and apply these to client-facing, team and leadership situations.



Leadership is a relationship. A relationship is the sum of communications that take place within it. Leadership is how you communicate.

This seminar/workshop aims to give you the communication tools to manage your relationships well and to lead effectively.


You will develop your ability to manage your thoughts and emotions, skills that are critical to connecting with the people around you.


Participants practice effective ways to communicate and to deliver information, and receive individual coaching and feedback on how they come across. 



To enable participants to manage themselves and their relationships with others; to establish trust and rapport rapidly and to give team members the necessary tools to communicate effectively with each other.

It will be useful for all team members and also if: 

  • You direct or manage a team

  • Lead your firm or organisation

  • Face and manage clients or customers

  • Meet prospective clients and seek collaborative projects with industry contacts

  • Manage projects

  • Communicate analysis and regulation.



The course is designed to meet individual and team needs.

​Participants will develop:

  • Communication skills to create trust and rapport swiftly with clients and colleagues

  • The ability to listen for and respond to clients’ and colleagues’ underlying concerns

  • The ability to create collaboration and sales opportunities from informal conversations and team meetings

  • Increased confidence with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, in meetings and one-on-ones

  • The capacity to manage and benefit from potentially difficult conversations

  • The capacity to manage and benefit from networking conversations

  • CPD, part of the ten hours that may be devoted to soft skills training with CISI


Participants leave the programme with more confidence in themselves and with a framework to build trust rapidly, and create relationships that last.

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