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Giving a Speech

at your conference, study-day, workshop, or off-site

Key to your personal and team success are communication and relationship. Yet these aspects of our work that are so central to all we do, are rarely addressed in our professional training.

Communicate to Connect


An interactive, hands-on session of exercises and conversations that are fun but with a serious intent:


  • to develop your ability to establish trust and rapport rapidly;

  • to listen for clients' and colleagues' underlying concerns, and


  • to manage your key relationships thereafter (including romantic ones).


You will be able to connect with people, creating trust, rapport, and confidence in initial meetings with prospects, clients, colleagues, and in teams.

The session offers a framework for managing your relationships effectively, thereafter.



"He was fantastic. We were really surprised by the level of enthusiasm shown by the attendees when we were doing his exercises - he went down extremely well and he had all of us talking to people we hadn't really spoken to before. Great ice-breaker for future meetings and we would love to have him back next year."


As implied above, this session works really well early in your conference or study-day, when you need contributions and opinions from participants and want them to feel that they can communicate freely.

Will this session work for you? 
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