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Christopher Jones-Warner specialises in coaching personal and team leadership skills that enable leadership, operational and client-facing teams to communicate. Establishing trust, collaboration, utilising team specialisations, and increasing returns from finite resources.



His workshops and seminars have a serious intent: to enable participants to lead themselves and others. Yet they are interactive and fun.

Christopher surfaces the real costs to your leadership concerns before shifting from the accepted paradigm of separation and fear to one more conducive to innovation and creation.


Through a sequence of interactive conversations and exercises, you will examine who you are being in your leadership, such that your desired results may be eluding you. You are given a model to manage your thinking and tools to do this in practice.

You then look at what you need to do as a leader to lead your stakeholders toward their vision before looking at the abundant resources you have within your team and how best to utilise them to achieve this.



Participants leave the workshops, seminars and programmes confident, typically with a framework to build trust rapidly and create mutually rewarding relationships that last.

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