Self-Mastery for Leaders
An Annual Programme of Personal Coaching

Are you doing what you came here to do? Are you your purpose at work?

Is your leadership taking you where you want to go? Or you are being stopped by aspects of your personality you're not even aware of?

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Personal coaching to develop how you lead

In the Self-Mastery for Leaders programme, you will explore how hidden limiting beliefs and aspects of your personality can create unwanted patterns in your life and limit what seems possible. You will learn new ways to manage yourself, your thinking, and those you lead, and will develop how you lead, to make your unique contribution in life.

How it works

This annual programme is about how you manage yourself in your business and personal life.


You will be taken through a sequence of conversations in which you assess and evaluate your leadership and how you manage your communication, your relationships, and yourself, in pursuit of what you want from life.


Our conversations take place away from the office in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as: the National Trust's Devil's Punch Bowl, near Haslemere, Surrey.

We also visit the surrounding tea rooms and cafes, places that will refresh and help stimulate an objective assessment of your life, your purpose, and potential, as we explore what you want to achieve in your life, leadership, and work.

Or this workday takes place via Zoom, at mutually convenient times.

We follow the workday with a sequence of calls or video calls in which we discuss how you are applying the tools in your life and leadership.

Learning objectives

  1. To be aware of, and understand from where my unmanaged thoughts, feelings, and emotions arise, and where they are taking me now, and in the longer-term.

  2. To be able to manage my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, in pursuit of my purpose, vision, mission, and principles

  3. To be able to identify through others what needs to be done; get done through others what needs to be done and, if appropriate, develop those I lead.

  4. To be able to manage myself so that, more often than not, I stand for the vision over what may seem expedient.

Programme benefits

You will achieve

  • Clarity about your purpose in life and within your team, organisation, and family

  • A model from which to lead yourself and others successfully

  • Increased confidence in your ability to live authentically, and on purpose

  • Improved capability to manage your business, client, and personal relationships

  • Improved ability to identify and manage your core beliefs and hidden limiting assumptions

  • Tools to manage life’s breakdowns, and reduce your susceptibility to anxiety and stress

  • Six hours CPD of the ten hours that you may devote to soft skills training with CISI.


Pricing Information

You can participate in this workshop in-person in-house, or remotely:

  • £3,500 for the annual programme


Email us to discuss details or book your place.

"My day walking with Christopher allowed me to experience some profound and transformational shifts in the way I see the world. Through the experience of being deeply listened to and challenged where necessary, I gained a deep clarity around both my purpose in life and my relationships. Christopher enabled me to look at my situation in a much wiser, more open-minded way that left me feeling lighter, more confident and empowered. It took an intervention of this kind for me to transcend old ways of thinking and I believe that it marked the beginning of a new, more enlightened chapter. Thank you.”


Chloë Garland, Quarter-Life

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What our clients say...

“I like the framework and structure you provide, which allows us to delve deep into the human conditions we all have within us. This is beneficial in that once we understand how we are all about perception we can review our thoughts and manage ourselves better.”