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About us

If talent were the determinant of team success we'd need only recruit stars.


Compiling and hiring a team of the right personality types is a challenge and a rarity. Practically, we must be effective with those we have.

About Jones-Warner


As a provider of coaching professionals in communication and leadership, we look at who you have to be to be an effective leader, what you have to do to be an effective leader, and the resources that you have to be an effective leader.

We work with you to ascertain your individual and company needs and ensure that your role as leader is clear: to inspire the talent within your team, develop it, create with it a compelling vision, and support it in pursuit of that. 

Meet Christopher

Since 2007, Christopher Jones-Warner has taught and coached professionals in communication, relationships, and leadership.

He works with those who:

  • Lead or manage teams

  • Lead their firm or organisation

  • Manage projects

  • Face and manage clients or customers

  • Communicate analysis and regulation


Christopher is an ex-Army officer, has a background in private client fund and wealth management, and was the founding chairman of the CISI's Wealth Management Forum. He speaks at and leads City seminars, workshops, and conferences and contributes frequently to the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment's CPD seminars on communication, leadership, and behavioural skills.


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