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1 + 1 = 1

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Imagine a plus sign.

Its vertical stave represents how conscious you are, or the extent to which you know who you really are; that you are not your mind, and can therefore operate in the world free of your mind’s limiting beliefs. Its horizontal stave represents how you interact with the world at your level of consciousness.

Your consciousness determines your behaviour

The higher up the vertical stave the horizontal intersects with it, the more conscious or free of your mind’s unconscious conditioning you are. The lower you are, the converse is the case. Where the two arms intersect determines your actions at that level of consciousness.

For example, at the lower levels, if you encounter a situation in which someone hits you, it would be appropriate to hit them back. At the highest levels, however, you would know that their hitting you was a call for love and respond, perhaps with forgiveness, which would include seeing them for who they really are. You wouldn’t have to condone their behaviour, however.

As a leader where you sit on the vertical stave is important because your level of consciousness not only determines the sort of issues you and your team encounters but how you deal with them, and the effectiveness of your team or organisation in the world.

Your consciousness also determines your experience

At the lower levels you are more likely to be involved with fire fighting, disputes, bad payers, difficult clients and customers, hostile stakeholders, trust issues, lack of time, and your experience, while it will include fun and excitement, will also include fear, frustration, anxiety, despair and struggle. Motivation will be a key issue for you and for your team.

At the higher levels you and your team will operate more from inspiration so motivation will be less important. You will all be on purpose, serving, and contributing your unique ability to your target market, and experiencing joy, fulfilment, and inner peace from your contribution.

Where you are is where you are

Where you are on the vertical stave is not right or wrong, good or bad, it’s where you are. But if you want to operate increasingly from a disposition of purpose, service, understanding, peace, and fulfilment you will want to become more conscious. That is the goal of Self-Mastery.

One and one is one

As you do so, you will recognise more and more that we are one, and you and your team will evolve from being a group of individuals who report once a month to you each operating as partners - a group of people pulling together toward a common objective.

Christopher Jones-Warner

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